Annika Koops

Artist (b.1983)


Koops Annika, Torrent, 2021, HD digital
Video, I min.03 seconds

Torrent combines CGI with digital video of a rhythmic gymnast. The body of the gymnast sits behind a 3D model of a beaker of water, her body and distended through the water and refracted through the shiny surfaces of the model. The sound features interpretations of a 17th century hymn Drop Drop Slow Tears.

The work was included in the online exhibition Salt Loving Halophile, Curated by Josephine Mead and responded to a curatorial premise surrounding love, liquidity and salt as activating agents. The work reflects upon distillation: the physical separation of liquid from solid as analogous to crystallisation of complex subjectivities into units of information, the condensing of meaning and of mineral and what it lost in the process.

Further reading:

Matt Siddal, Un Magazine, 2021 (Projects), Review of ‘Salt + Loving; Halophile

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